The Quillective Project

629 Publications is a proud partner with The Quillective Project, a yearly literary collaboration which benefits one non-profit organization every year through the sale of an anthology. All proceeds from the books go directly to the chosen non-profit to help them make the world a better place. Started in December of 2012 by author Amber Jerome~Norrgard along with authors Scott Morgan and Ben Ditmars, The Quillective Project strives to bring compassion and understand to the world through the use of the written word. While creative contributors and the genre of the book each year will change, the mission will remain the same year after year. Read below for more information on this incredible organization:

Qullective  Project 1 small-1

Mission Statement

 The Quillective Project’s mission is to turn the power of the written word into an instrument of compassion, hope, and generosity by putting that power directly in the hands of organizations that share our principles.

Through the sale of anthologies of short literary works, organizations embraced by The Quillective Project will have a continuing and residual source of income. The contributors and members of The Quillective Project receive no money ‒‒ 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to select organizations.

The three main principles we live by are:

Compassion: Ours is not always a kind world, particularly to those with no voice of their own. The Quillective Project strives to use our words to benefit those who cannot speak for themselves, or who have trouble being heard when they try. And we believe, as the great Buddhist spiritualist Thich Nhat Hanh believes, that “compassion is a verb.”

Literary Excellence: The Quillective Project is comprised of a dedicated team of writers, designers, marketers, and strategists. But in the end, our ability to help lies solely on the quality of our written projects. Unless we are able to make our readers laugh, cry, think, or become inspired, we simply will not succeed.

Community: Writing is a solitary profession and so often the output is designed to benefit only the writer. At The Quillective Project, we believe that sometimes the written word is bigger than ourselves, and that it most benefits us when it most benefits our communities and our world.


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